Pay online

How do I make an online payment?

Go to the Online Payments Service

What type of payment can I make?

You can make online payments for the services below.

Please note:

1) You must select the correct Payment Type before entering your reference number.
2) You must insert a decimal point when entering the Amount e.g. if you are entering £85.21, you must enter 85.21.

Payment Type Reference Number
Council Tax 8 Digits long starting with 3
Penalty Charge Notice (Parking Ticket) HC followed by 8 digits (HC must be in Upper Case)
Business Rates 8 Digits long starting with 2
Business Improvement Districts 8 Digits long starting with 4
Sales Invoices 7 digits long starting with 1
Housing Benefit Overpayments 6 digits long starting with 2
Payment for other services (e.g. Planning services) Select the service from the dropdown menu and provide the information as requested on the form.


Which cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Switch/Maestro, Visa Delta and Solo.

We do not accept American Express or Diners Club International or Electron.

What is '3DSecure'?

3DSecure is an internationally recognised online security protocol for internet payments that provides assurance we are reducing our exposure to fraud. Your card provider will need to be part of the 3DSecure Network and your payment card will need to be registered with your bank or card provider. When making a payment on our website, you will be asked to confirm your identity by entering 3 digits from a password you set-up when registering the card.

What is 'Add to List'?

This allows you to pay for more than one service at a time. For example you can pay your Council Tax and a planning application without the need to create two separate transactions.

Is it safe to pay over the internet?

Yes– the information you send us is encrypted, which means that nobody can read it as it travels across the internet. When you are on the payment screen you will see a padlock symbol at the bottom right-hand corner; this confirms that the system we are using is safe and secure. We have to satisfy strict criteria before we are given permission to use this service. We are issued a SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer – the padlock) after we have met all the criteria.

I notice the address in the URL is to a company called CIVICA. Is that correct?

Yes. CIVICA are a major online payment service provider to the public sector. They are hosting our Credit & Debit Card payment service to ensure we comply with the latest security protocols.

How do I request a receipt?

Please enter your email address as you progress your payment. An email receipt will be sent to you automatically.

Make a payment using Payzone

You can now make a payment at any post office or other outlet displaying the Payzone symbol. This free of charge service provides a wider range of places to pay, so you do not need to post a cheque or come into the Council Offices.

Your invoice will be scanned using Bar Coding technology and payment taken by cash, cheque or card. The payment will then be automatically allocated to your invoice, clearing the balance. You will be given a receipt at the point of payment.

A list of all available outlets can be found on the Payzone website.