Stray and Lost Dogs

A stray dog is a dog that is in a public place or a place it should not be without its owner. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 section 149, North Hertfordshire District Council has a duty to deal with stray dogs. The police are not responsible for stray dogs, but they do have responsibility for dangerous dogs which could be defined as a dog attacking another dog or other animal, or person.

What to do if you find a stray dog

Please use our online form:

Report a stray dog

We will arrange to collect the dog as long as it is confined in a secure place for example, a house, work place or small secure garden. Alternatively we will collect a dog that has been secured on a lead, as long as someone is willing to wait with it.

After 5pm and before 10pm Monday to Friday, weekends and bank holidays please call 01462 730464.

A stray dog will be kennelled and kept until an owner is found for a period of seven days. After seven days, legal ownership passes to the Local Authority. All attempts will be made to re-home using every option available. Dogs are only put to sleep if they have unacceptable aggressive behaviour, are ill, or old with ill health.

When an owner reclaims their dog there are charges to be paid.

  • £25 Central Government fine for a dog straying
  • £25 Administration and Officer time
  • £13 per night kennel fee

Preventing your dog from straying is the owner’s responsibility. Remember it is a legal requirement that your dog wears a collar and tag bearing your name and address when in a public place. The penalty for non compliance is up to a £2000 fine.

Lost Dogs

If you have lost your dog between the hours of 9am and  5pm Monday to Friday, then please contact our Customer Services Centre. At the same time, inform Police, local vets and Petlog - if your dog is microchipped.

After 5pm and before 10pm Monday to Friday, weekends and Bank Holidays please call 01462 730464.

There are websites dedicated to lost and stolen dogs, some of these can be found below:

Lurcher Search

Dog Lost UK

Lost Dog UK

Lost Cats

If you have lost a cat please contact the Herts East Branch of the RSPCA by calling 01462 672278 or 01462 484862.